One of the questions we're asked most often is whether it's best to buy or lease a vehicle. So, if you recently decided it's time to get back into the car shopping market, you may be wondering the same thing. Spoiler alert: there is no correct answer for everyone, it depends on the individual.

When choosing between buying or leasing, we want to provide you with some useful information and key points to consider that will help you figure out the best avenue to pursue for your next vehicle.

Here are Jack Byrne Ford our goals are simple: to do business the way you want to do business and to save you time and money. Everyone is different in their preferences and situations so we want to work with you to find the best options for your lifestyle. 

While the below is helpful information as an overview of topics, when you come in and sit down with one of our Sales Consultants, we'll make sure you are really getting the best vehicle and deal for you.


Leasing Your Next Vehicle

Leasing payments. One of the perks of leasing your next vehicle is that the lease payments are generally lower than similar term monthly finance payments. This is because you're paying for a portion of the vehicle's value used during the lease term instead of the entire purchase of the vehicle. Normally, leasing requires little-to-no money down at inception, whereas buying will require a greater down payment to achieve the same low monthly payment that you can have on a lease.

Wear and tear. Another great thing about leasing a vehicle is that a normal amount of wear and tear is covered, and you always have the option to give it back at lease end. If for some reason the vehicle's wear and tear exceeds normal limits or you happen to go over the mileage allotted, you will be responsible for the excess-unless you choose to buy the vehicle. However, the dealership can assist with these lease end costs.

Customizing your lease. If you choose to lease, another great option available to you is the ability to get to know your vehicle before choosing whether or not to purchase it. This allows you to customize your vehicle and upgrade accessories to your liking if and when you decide to purchase the vehicle you're leasing.

Loving that new car smell. With leasing, you're generally getting a new vehicle every 2-4 years. The benefits are that you always get to be in a new model and get the very latest in options and technology in your vehicles. Each new model year enhances from the previous ranging from gas mileage to noise reduction to handling, so you'll always have the very best quality ride.

Mileage options. When leasing a vehicle, you'll have a variety of mileage options to choose from and can customize your mileage to meet driving needs. When trying to decide what mileage options are best for you, it's beneficial to speak with one of our Leasing Sales Consultants to help pinpoint what you're looking for and recommend the best option available for your needs.

Living it up. Because of the (generally) lower monthly payments, leasing provides the opportunity to drive a more expensive, nicer or loaded vehicle that might otherwise have been out of your budget range. That could be the difference between a base vehicle model and a fully loaded Fusion AWD with MyFord Touch Technology, heated & cooled seats, heated steering wheel, moon roof, leather, and much more. Ford offers some of the best 'extras' and options out there.

Owning your vehicle at lease end. Once the term is up, you can choose to either return the vehicle or purchase it.  You will generally be covered under a 'bumper to bumper' warranty with a lease, whereas buying will require you to purchase an extended warranty plan at an additional cost to cover the vehicle until it is completely paid off or traded in. This makes leasing a vehicle less costly overall.

Buying Your Next Vehicle

Purchasing payments. Something you may want to consider when buying your next vehicle is that the payments are generally higher than similar term monthly lease payments because you're paying for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. However, it may be the better option for someone who likes the idea of paying your vehicle off completely.

Wear and tear. With a vehicle you decide to purchase, there's no charge on wear and tear. You're able to do whatever you'd like with no additional financial obligations through the dealership. It is important to note that excessive wear could lower the vehicle's resale or trade-in value if that's something you may be interested in down the road.


Customizing your vehicle. When you're financing or own your vehicle, a perk is that you can upgrade or add accessories at any point in time. it's yours to upgrade however you want.

Reaching the end of your payments. When you're finished paying off your loan, you own your vehicle. It's yours to do with as you choose, and down the line, you can even look into resale or trading it in.

Mileage options. With a purchased vehicle, you're able to drive as many miles as you want. Keep in mind, however, the higher mileage a vehicle accrues the less it may be worth during resale or trade-in.

Owning your vehicle. When purchasing your vehicle, one of the greatest perks is you own the vehicle free and clear after financial obligations are fulfilled. If you decide that purchasing a vehicle is the best choice for you, there are several financing options available. If you choose to buy, the vehicle is yours, and you can decide to keep it or trade it in when it's time to look into another vehicle.


Everyone has different needs, and what's best for one person may be completely different for you. We hope the information above helps and acts as a thought starter. Truth is though, until you sit down with one of our trained professional Sales Consultants to dig deeper into each advantage and disadvantage based on your personal situation, there is no way of truly knowing which one is best for you or of being able to provide a price comparison. There are too many different rebates and programs out there that you could qualify for which would make a big impact on the price. We will help you find the most amount of savings possible.

Our pledge is to help you weed through all of this and find the vehicle that makes the most sense for you, at the best price and value. So give us a call or text, email or submit a form and we'll reach out to you to begin this exciting journey.


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